Growing Exposed Wants to Help You Cultivate Great Cannabis

Gone are the Reefer Madness days of cannabis prohibition and fearmongering, replaced instead with a more positive public who enjoy their weed and support legalization. This change brings a new wave of curious enthusiasts all looking to increase their cannabis cultivation skills to grow their own plants via educational and entertaining online videos. Enter Growing Exposed, the YouTube channel for all fans — from veterans to newcomers.

The original garden tour series focuses on the entire cannabis cultivation sector. Each unique episode opens up the once underground world of weed, revealing industry insights and an unrestricted view inside the world of cannabis.

Growing Exposed is the brainchild of Jeremy Deichen, an experienced content creator working under the digital marketing company LG Digital Inc. In addition to producing the series, LG Digital Inc has found a niche in the cannabis sector, creating content and branding projects for several other companies within the cannabis industry such as Method Seven, Green Planet Nutrients and Sugarleaf to name a few.  

Deichen produced hundreds of videos about products within the industry before launching Growing Exposed, but he knew there was something missing. Sometime in early 2015, however, Deichen had what he called a “light bulb moment.”

“I had created hundreds of videos where someone is standing at a trade show explaining the pros and cons of a product. And when I uploaded them, no one gave a shit,” Deichen told Cannabis Now. “There was certainly cannabis content on YouTube, but nothing with high production value. Plus, I was seeing a lot of conflicting information coming from people in their basements versus what I knew was going on in the sector.”

Deichen knew the industry needed a voice, so he began going behind the scenes, touring facilities, speaking directly to the growers and documenting history.

“I created a video from the growers’ perspective talking about the same pros and cons and it got 20k views within a few months. I knew I couldn’t waste my time making the other style.”

Since its, the video has racked up over 80,000 subscribers and 6.5 million views.

“We know we have a great media platform to promote a product or service for a brand, but our purpose goes beyond marketing,” said Deichen. “We’re documenting the history of our industry, and we know this plant is helping people and making this a better world to live in.”

Growing Exposed creator Jeremy Deichen

About Growing Exposed

Hosted by former MTV Canada and Spike TV personality Amanda McKay, Growing Exposed features a segment with David Robinson, an experienced cannabis cultivation expert and author of The Grower’s Handbook, to pass along cultivation knowledge to viewers. Each week, garden tour guide Justin Cooper heads out on another adventure, from touring some of the most unique cannabis farms in the country and gleaning invaluable growing tips straight from the most experienced cultivators.

But it’s not all farm tours and big buds. Growing Exposed also lets you experience first-hand some of the most innovative and iconic industry events in cannabis culture, like Spannabis in Spain or the High Times cups. The team’s access-all-areas gives you exclusive sneak peeks into the newest trends and helpful product reviews so you can be sure you’re on track to producing your own mouth-watering cannabis. Plus, the show’s website has become a hub for cannabis growers.

“Our website continues to be a great educational tool as it delivers high-quality content,” said Deichen. “We have recently added two new categories: a strain library where you can browse and learn about trending cannabis varieties and Cannabis MD, a tool that diagnoses plant problems and recommends solutions.”

Growing Exposed is the perfect resource for people interested in learning more about some of the largest North American growing operations around, the people behind them and what makes them tick.

Season three has just launched, so head to the Growing Exposed channel to catch up on all the latest episodes and previous seasons.

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