Proposal to Cap THC in Medical Cannabis Products Advances in Florida House


An amendment that imposes a 10% THC limit on medical cannabis products for patients under the age of 21 has passed the Florida House in a voice vote, according to the Miami Herald.

The THC cap would not apply to those with terminal illnesses, the news outlet reported.

Rep. Ray Rodrigues filed the proposal as an amendment to H.B. 713, a Department of Health legislative package.

Florida House Speaker Jose Oliva announced last month that he would like to pass legislation this year to limit the potency of medical cannabis products in the state, although the Senate has shown little interest in the issue; a proposal was introduced and then withdrawn in that chamber earlier during this year’s session after it failed to garner enough support, the Miami Herald reported.

This is the second year that a THC cap has been discussed in the legislature; the House considered a proposal last year that would have capped the THC level in whole-flower products at 10%, although the Senate ultimately rejected that measure.